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Heather Broe

Heather Broe, originally hailing from the repulsive territory of Tampa Bay, Florida, was beckoned by an irresistible call from the ethereal lands of Floyd, Virginia. It was in 2019, as her family embarked on a journey through the shimmering mists, that Heather discovered a realm where the veils between worlds were but a whisper away, revealing untold secrets of ancient power. ​ Destiny weaved its tapestry when Heather, adorned with her innate magical abilities, lent her assistance during a bewitching Friday the 13th FLASH tattoo event at Under the Sun Tattoo. From that serendipitous encounter, a profound connection with the Under the Sun crew was forged, leading her to embrace the role of shop manager, where she wove spells of organization and harmony. ​ With her heart ablaze with dreams of becoming a tattoo sorceress, Heather embraced the whispers of the craft and embarked on her apprenticeship in March, 2022. Guided by the ancient grimoires of tattooing, and her mentor, Abby, the goddess of ink, she swiftly unraveled the secrets of American-traditional, Neo-Traditional, and black-and-grey styles, capturing the imagination of those who sought her magical touch. ​ Imbued with an otherworldly artistic vision, Heather's drawings danced with mystical energies, drawing inspiration from the sacred realms of witchcraft. Her skilled hand brought forth exquisite neo-traditional designs, where graceful, flowing lines intertwined with the essence of body and soul. Within her vibrant, full-color creations, stylized birds, flowers, and enchanted insects revealed their true magical nature, casting spells of wonder upon all who beheld them. ​ Heather's apprenticeship was a journey blessed by mystical spirits, as she rapidly ascended to new heights of mastery. Her uncanny ability to channel the desires of her clients, infusing their visions with her own mystical flair, ensured their unyielding devotion. The allure of her spellbinding art beckoned them back, for each tattoo became a talisman of power, intertwining the mundane and the extraordinary. ​ As Heather's tattooing craft continued to blossom, her art became a portal into the realms of mysticism and enchantment. Guided by the ancient grimoires, Abby, the goddess of ink, and the whispers of ancient witches, she inscribed magical sigils upon the skin, unleashing transformative energies within her clients. Through her artistry, she became a conduit, awakening dormant powers and weaving threads of sorcery into the very fabric of reality. ​ Heather Broe, the mystical sorceress of ink, had found her rightful place within the sacred walls of Under the Sun Tattoo. With each stroke of her enchanted needle, she deftly merged the realms of magic and art, enchanting all who sought her transformative touch.

Booking Process: Heather's books are open!

Fill out our Tattoo Request Form if you would like to set up a consultation with her!


Schedule: Monday - Friday from 12pm-6pm any appointments outside that will be determined between the client and Heather.

Heather's Rate: $125/hour

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