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Abigail Bowen

In the enchanting realm of Floyd, Virginia, where the veils between worlds grow thin, Abby reigns as a mythical druid and the revered goddess of ink. Abigail Bowen, born and raised in the mystical lands of Floyd County, Virginia, embarked on a profound odyssey of self-discovery and artistic mastery. It was in mid-2012 that she entered her apprenticeship, delving into the ancient traditions and sacred rituals of the craft. With unwavering dedication and boundless passion, Abby honed her skills, mastering the symbiotic dance between artist and human canvas. Abby's artistic prowess found an ethereal counterpart in her husband, Luke Thomas. Together, in early 2014, they embarked on a mystical venture, birthing Under the Sun Tattoo, a sanctuary where artistry and magic converge. Within the sacred walls of their studio, they conjured a realm where ink transcends the mundane, etching stories onto the flesh that intertwine with the deepest recesses of the soul. Mentoring a coven of talented artists, Abby's nurturing presence kindles the fires of their creativity, shaping them into powerful vessels of her artistic vision. With her wisdom and guidance, she has imbued each artist with the ability to transcribe the sacred stories of the soul onto living canvases, birthing magnificent art that whispers of hidden depths and forgotten realms. Within the sacred walls of Under the Sun Tattoo, Abby's artistic alchemy transmutes ink into pure magic. Her touch is gentle yet profound, as she weaves intricate designs that intertwine with the essence of those who bear them. Each tattoo becomes a testament to the indomitable spirit of the human journey, a sacred mark that honors the intertwining paths of the mortal and divine. As the goddess of ink, Abby's divine connection to the natural world infuses her creations with profound symbolism. Her designs bear the whispers of ancient trees, the dance of celestial bodies, and the song of hidden rivers. In every stroke, she invokes the primal forces that course through the veins of the earth, transforming skin into a sacred tapestry that resonates with the echoes of forgotten wisdom. Beyond her role as a master tattoo artist, Abby is a beacon of inspiration and empowerment, guiding each artist in their personal and artistic growth. Under her loving tutelage, they blossom like sacred blossoms under the moonlight, each embodying a unique facet of the mystical arts. Together, they form a harmonious symphony of creativity, where each artist's voice adds a vibrant hue to the ever-unfolding tapestry of Under the Sun Tattoo. To step into Abby's presence is to witness the beauty of the human spirit elevated to ethereal heights. Her tattoos are not merely ink on skin; they are talismans that ignite the divine spark within, beckoning forth the latent power and wisdom that slumbers in every soul. Through her artistry, she grants her clients a glimpse into the realms of the extraordinary, where their true essence melds with the boundless mysteries of the cosmos. In the realm of Under the Sun Tattoo, Abby reigns as the guiding force, a mythical druid and the goddess of ink. With her gentle touch and profound vision, she transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, whispering the secrets of the universe with each masterful creation. Under her mystical guidance, Under the Sun Tattoo has flourished as a sacred haven for both artists and seekers of transcendent art.

Booking Process:

Abby is no longer booking for new projects until later in 2024. 

Schedule: Monday - Friday from 10am-4pm any appointments outside that will be determined between the client and Abby.


Abby's Rate: $200/hour

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