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Tattoo Request Form

Please fill out the following form to get started. Upon submission of a project request, we will discuss your project with the artist and reply to you as quickly as possible.

Preferred Artist:
Consultation Preference:
Preferred Tattoo Style:
Best Day(s) of the Week:
Preferred Time of Day:

Please give us the general concept for your tattoo. It's important to mention if you already have specific artwork in mind or if you will be trusting the artist to design an original tattoo just for you. In either case, there is no need to go into too much detail at this time. Please keep the description brief and rest assured that we will allow time to discuss everything in as much detail as is needed as we proceed to booking an actual tattoo appointment.

Please attach any reference or inspiration photos for your new tattoo as well as pictures of your body part where you will be getting your tattoo. If this is a cover up, please also attach a photograph of the tattoo we are covering, along with reference or inspiration photos for your new work!

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Upload File

Thanks for submitting, we will get back with you shortly!

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