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Tattoo Request Form

Please fill in the following information for our artists to learn about your project!

We are so excited to work with you on your tattoo, due to the amount of requests we receive, please give us up to 4 days to respond to your request. We appreciate your patience! 

*To ensure you get a timely response from us, please be sure that your email is spelled correctly.**

Preferred Artist:
Consultation Preference:
Best Day(s) of the Week:
Is this your first tattoo?
Preferred Tattoo Style:
Preferred Time of Day:
Does this involve a cover up?

**Our current shop minimum is $80/hr. Each artists has their own set hourly price and pricing may vary based on the project. **

Please attach any reference or inspiration photos for your new tattoo as well as pictures of your body part where you will be getting your tattoo. If this is a cover up, please also attach a photograph of the tattoo we are covering, along with reference or inspiration photos for your new work!

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