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Tattoo Aftercare

It is very important to take proper care of a new tattoo!

ALWAYS wash your hands before and after touching your tattoo

Plastic Wrap Aftercare Instructions

  • Wait one hour to remove the bandage.

  • After the hour is up, wet bandage if needed to prevent sticking to the skin.

  • Gently clean your tattoo using your fingers with a mild, no dye, non-scented, liquid hand soap(Ivory works as well) 

Pat dry with a paper towel

Apply a thin layer of Griffin Salve or Aquaphor (or A&D Ointment)

Repeat these steps twice a day for 3 days 

Wrap your tattoo in plastic wrap and secure with tape (after washing) overnight for the first 3 nights to prevent from rubbing ink out in your sleep and getting it on sheets and pajamas.

  • After the 3rd day, continue using Griffin Salve or switch to using a no dye, non-scented lotion (ex: Lubriderm lotion) as needed and continue to wash tattoo twice a day until healed.

Saniderm Aftercare Instructions

  • Leave Saniderm bandage on for 3-4 days 

  • Showering is allowed

Do not swim or submerge the tattoo in water until completely healed.

(Ink, blood, plasma, and sweat collecting beneath the bandage is normal) 

  • Remove bandage in the shower or under running water to help release it from the skin -

  • Pull up a small corner and gently peel it downward

  • Once bandage is removed, gently wash your tattoo with a mild soap using your fingers. 

  • Allow tattoo to air-dry for approximately 10 mins. or pat dry with a clean paper towel.

  • Apply a thin layer of Griffin Salve once in the morning and once in the evening for 1 day.

  • Apply a no-dye, non-scented lotion on tattoo twice daily until healed (approximately 2 weeks)



go swimming

submerge tattoo in bath

get in a hot tub

call/text your ex


pick or scratch at your tattoo

With proper care, your tattoo will be healed in approximately two weeks.

If you at any time have a question or concern, call your tattooer.

Enjoy your new tattoo! 

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