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Heather Broe is from Tampa Bay, Florida.  Shortly after relocating with her family to Floyd, Virginia in 2019, She helped with the front desk for a Friday the 13th FLASH tattoo event at Under the Sun Tattoo.  Quickly hitting it off with the Under the Sun crew, she took the role of shop manager.  Having dreamt of becoming a tattoo artist, she began her tattoo apprenticeship in March, 2022. 

Heather has rapidly excelled as an apprentice, meeting the popular demands of American-traditional, Neo-Traditional and black-and-grey styles.  Given creative leisure, her innate drawing style lends itself to the “neo-traditional”.   With a keen eye for graceful, flowing lines and body placement, her unique, full-color designs of stylized birds, flowers and insects keep her clients coming back. 

Booking Process: Heather's books are open!

Please email or fill out our

Tattoo Request Form if you would like to set up a consultation with her!


Schedule: Monday - Friday from 12pm-6pm any appointments outside that will be determined between the client and Heather.

Heather's Rate: $80/hour

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