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Kendra Edgell

Kendra, a denizen of the bewitched realm, was both born and raised in the enchanted town of Floyd, Virginia. From the moment she drew her first breath, the ancient whispers of dark magic resonated within her soul. Her artistic talents bloomed like shadowy flowers, nurtured by eldritch forces that danced through her veins. Throughout her existence, Kendra has crafted ethereal masterpieces, weaving enchantment into every stroke of her brush. But fate took an unexpected turn when she succumbed to the irresistible call of Abby, a siren and the goddess of ink of the mystical realm. In October 2022, Kendra surrendered herself to the clutches of Abby's enchanting melody, venturing into the realm of Under the Sun, where she embraced the title of Shop Manager and was initiated into the dark arts as a Tattoo Apprentice. Within the sacred walls of the shop, Kendra is affectionately known by her fellow artists as the Shop Goblin, a mischievous spirit who weaves her web of spells from the depths of the shadows. She is also whispered to be the Office Gremlin, her magic infused within every document and email that passes through her hands. Among the artists, she is also called Braid Tucker, a name whispered in hushed tones, signifying her ability to weave potent enchantments into the very strands of others hair, while tucking it away carefully into their magical garments. In the realm of Under the Sun, Kendra's presence holds sway, her sorcerous essence intertwined with the heart of the shop. Should you summon her through a call or an email, it is most likely Kendra who will answer your pleas, her voice a bewitching melody that can draw forth secrets and desires. Kendra's artistic journey knows no bounds, as she deftly wields her talents across a multitude of mediums, transmuting ordinary materials into conduits of mystic energy. Now, her gaze is set upon the realm of tattoos, eager to channel her mastery of diverse styles and techniques into this ancient ritual of skin and ink. With each new design, she seeks to unlock the hidden depths of her clients' souls, etching spells upon their flesh that echo with the resonance of forgotten incantations. As she delves deeper into her tattoo apprenticeship, Kendra's vision expands, exploring the many realms of the arcane. Her insatiable curiosity leads her down winding paths, from sigils of ancient power to surreal landscapes that mirror the dark corners of the mind. Bound by the chains of her own magic, she yearns to create tattoos that are gateways to the realms of shadow and wonder, where the mundane world melds with the veiled mysteries of the unseen. Within Kendra, the forces of light and darkness converge, guiding her hands as she unveils her artistry upon willing canvases. By invoking her craft, she seeks to awaken the dormant magic that slumbers within each seeker of the extraordinary, beckoning them to embrace the enchantments woven within their own essence. Step into the realm of Kendra, and you will bear witness to the manifestation of her arcane talents. With her bewitching artistry and her deep understanding of the mystical, she will guide you on a transformative journey, as you delve into the shadows and emerge forever changed.

Booking Process: Kendra's books are open!

Fill out our Tattoo Request Form, or click here if you would like to schedule a consultation with her!

Schedule: Monday - Tuesday 1:00pm-6:00pm and Wednesday-Saturday from 10am-6pm any appointments outside that will be determined between the client and Kendra.

Kendra will also be taking walk-ins on Wednesday's from 11am-3pm. This will be posted on Kendra's Instagram as well as the Under the Sun Tattoo Instagram and Facebook page. They will be first come, first serve, and at Kendra's discretion.

Kendra's Rate: $100/hr



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