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Guest Artist

Mari Allende


Mari was born in TN, lived in a variety of places and was raised within a Puerto Rican household with a community influence of cultures from all around the world. She settled in Winston Salem in 2016 and resides there now with her three kids and fiancé, Tony Brendel. She lived in Floyd in 2014 for about a year and met Abigail while working at Mickey G’s. Even though her tattooing didn’t begin until later, she and Abigail kept in touch and she guest spotted in the summer of 2019 and is hoping to return as a guest artist more regularly! 

She has been tattooing for 6 years and has a preference for black and grey mix of realism, surrealism, and neo traditional. Occasionally, she likes to add dark muted colors. She’s particular about the subject matters of her tattoos, having a fascination with nerd/fandom culture, oddities, nature’s life and death (flora and fauna) and the macabre. Arms and legs are her favorite placement locations! Any questions, feel free to send a message to her IG: Dates and available designs will all be posted on this page as well!

Booking Process: DM Mari to book 


Upcoming Dates: 

June 26th-30th

Mari's Rate:

Deposits:  $50-$150 depending on the size of the project

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