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Morgan Otten

Born and raised in the mundane state of Ohio, Morgan embarked on a transformative journey that led her to the mystical realms of Virginia in 2013. Drawn to the captivating energy of Floyd, she discovered a profound connection to the land and its ethereal vibrations, which fueled her artistic aspirations. ​ In 2020, destiny intertwined her path with the luminous family at Under the Sun, where Morgan found solace among fellow artists who shared her passion for transcendent art. Within the sacred walls of the studio, she embraced the synergy of collective creativity, weaving her own magical thread into the tapestry of inspiration that flourished there. ​ Morgan's artistic repertoire spans a wide range of mediums, her imagination and talent flowing like an ever-changing river or the long, flowing tresses that cascade like ethereal waterfalls down her back. However, throughout her creative journey, she has always maintained a deep-rooted love for Realism. In the realm of black and grey realism, Morgan's artistic soul finds its truest expression, capturing the essence of the world with intricacy and depth. ​ Beyond the realms of black and grey realism, Morgan's artistic spirit roams freely, exploring the expansive landscapes of geometric patterns, watercolor washes, neo-traditional motifs, and surrealistic vistas. Each artistic endeavor becomes a portal to uncharted territories of expression, a testament to their boundless curiosity and dedication to pushing the boundaries of her craft. ​ In Morgan's hands, tattoos become more than just ink on skin; they metamorphose into profound works of art that reflect the intricacies of the human experience. With every precise stroke and meticulous detail, she breathes life into her creations, infusing them with raw emotion, vivid symbolism, and an undeniable connection to the realms beyond. ​ Within the sacred realm of Under the Sun, Morgan's artistry flourishes, her heart attuned to the rhythmic pulse of the studio and the transformative power of their craft. She finds joy and fulfillment in translating her client's visions into tangible, awe-inspiring realities, bridging the gap between imagination and manifestation. ​ As a seeker of artistic truth, Morgan's journey continues to evolve, guided by the infinite wellspring of inspiration that surrounds her. Her presence within Under the Sun is an eternal dance of creative exploration, where her unique vision and unwavering dedication contribute to the collective magic that flows through the studio. ​ Morgan's enchanting presence illuminates the tattoo studio, their hair trailing like strands of starlight. Step into Morgan's realm, where the boundaries of reality blur, and the extraordinary is woven into the fabric of existence. Allow her artistic prowess to adorn your skin, and you will discover a new dimension of self-expression, where the artistry of realism melds with the whimsy of watercolors, the precision of geometry, and the transcendence of surrealism.

Booking Process:

Morgan's books are open and generally has availability on a monthly basis!

Fill out our Tattoo Request Form if you would like to set up a consultation with her!


Schedule: Monday - Saturday from 10am-4pm any appointments outside that will be determined between the client and Morgan.


Morgan's Rate: $150/hour

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