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Tattoo Numbing Cream for use before your tattoo session.

Painless Tattoo Numbing Cream

  • 1 - Wash and exfoliate the area to be tattooed, lasered or pierced quite thoroughly with soap, water and exfoliator to remove dirt and dead skin this will help the cream penetrate. Dry area completely.

    2 - Apply a thick amount of numbing cream (2mm thick) to the area and rub in thoroughly.

    3 - Cover with cling film. The heat under the plastic wrap helps activate the cream and keeps the cream from drying out.

    4 - Leave cream and wrap in place for 45 minutes before procedure.

    5 - After 45 minutes, let your artist remove the cling film, wipe the cream away with paper towel and wash thoroughly once more with antibacterial soap. Pat dry and ensure treated area is completely dry. You’re now ready for your pain free tattoo!

  • Active Ingredients:

    • 4% Lidocaine

    Inactive Ingredients:

    • Deionized Water
    • Arnica Extract
    • c13-14 Isoparaffin
    • Chondrontion Sulfate
    • Emu Oil
    • Ethoxydiglycol
    • Ethylhexylglycerin
    • Glucosamin Sulfate
    • Isopropyl Palmitate
    • Laureth-7
    • Melaleuca Alternifolia
    • Tea Tree Oil
    • methylsulfonylmethane
    • Phenoxyethanol
    • Polyacrylamide
    • Propylene Glycol
    • Stearic Acid
    • Triethanolamine
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